Yes my breast are clearly not perky anymore

At the age of 42, it seems as though I seek what every other woman does, beauty , self confidence, and yes the fountain of youth. Unfortunately we are our own worst critics, if someone gives us a compliment, we in return give a excuse for it instead of simply saying , “Thank You”. I truly believe there are such high standards of what a woman is suppose to look like , that when we look at ourselves, we only see what we are not .

Over the years I have heard about Boudoir photo shoots and clearly thought they were for the perfect body. Well let me tell you , I am far from perfect, so there was no way I was going to embarrass myself. I have struggled with my body for years , stretch marks, 12 surgeries due to ,medical conditions, and of course they were on my stomach, and yes my breast are clearly not perky anymore. I went as far as having tattoos put on to cover up the scars, it worked for the most part, however they were still there. I have tried to keep in the best shape I could possibly do at this point in my life , juggling the every day chaos of kids.

One night at the gym , I had a friend go on and on about her upcoming photo shoot. Of course like any other nosy woman, I am going to ask . She told me that she was having a boudoir shoot, so yup in my mind I am thinking, OMG she is doing that?? A week later, she then came to class talking about how fun it was, so it was official , I was going to call . She gave me the number of Kristen Fonville Photography, in which she does boudoir shoots. The day I reached out to her, I clearly knew I had made the right decision.

From day 1, she comforted me in making choices and giving me ideas and better yet , letting me know it’s totally normal to be nervous. So after waiting and looking up ideas, and going over in my mind how I was going present myself was nerve racking to say the least. I mean please tell me I am not going to look weird, or have some goofy look on my face trying to be seductive, when clearly I cant even wink!! One thing for sure Kristen made life easy, she would check in, send me sites to look at , even made me a pin board on Pinterest , I mean , come on , that’s pretty awesome for her to take that kinda time out .

So here it was , day of the shoot. I woke up with butterflies , practicing my lip poses, lol. I get there , and wow ; just like that hair was done , makeup was put on , and the first outfit. Not going to lie girls, I literally walked out of the bath room covering my butt ( talk about feeling crazy , this lady was fixing to take pics of my naked butt) When I left that day , the question in my mind was , I wonder what they will look like ?
And again , the moment was here, the picture reveal. And OMG I was in shock , I loved them , no more embarrassment, no more worries. I looked at those pictures and said , ya know, this was worth every minute of worrying.

Ladies there is nothing to be ashamed of , or embarrassed of , I promise you are beautiful in so many ways , go in with confidence and own it !!! These are pictures you will be looking back at for years ..