The ones you  can be unapologetically yourself with, and still feel loved, accepted and celebrated.

And when it’s over, you walk out with your head held high, feeling like the total badass woman  you are, reveling in your newfound confidence and swagger.

Congratulations, you’re now that woman.

That my mom belly was poking out and that all the dimples on my legs and  butt were on full display.

But once the session was underway, it was just like that scene in Men in Black, where all of your  negative memories are completely erased once you start. 

You're having a blast with strangers who are more like your favorite girlfriends.

I was so worried...

I've Been There

fun Facts About Me

My hair was PURPLE! I'm all about trying new things, so I dyed my hair purple, loved it, and kept if for over a year.
I'm a mom of two. Yep, two little girls Amaya and Cali. Both are full of curly hair and sass. They are seven and three going on 21. 

I love traveling! So much so that I had a destination wedding in Costa Rica. Even my last boudoir session was in Canada. 

I have a very serious obsession with tumblers like the Yeti kind. Even if I'm just drinking water it goes in a tumbler. Grabbing a drink on the road... it goes in my tumbler.

My life is just a series of workouts and snack parties. I'm a gym buff and a snack connoisseur. Work life balance. That's what it's all about, right lol?






Let's Get Personal