Every woman voluntarily shared her images. You won't have to.

Amanda xx

I never believed my husband or anyone that told me I was beautiful. I was thinking maybe she is good but I’m never gonna look as good as these other woman! Y’all she is better then good!

"being a bigger girl"

Kayla xx

The scariest part for me was wearing lingerie. I have never owned any. I had NO IDEA what to wear or what my fiancé would like. I am thankful for Kristen’s help and inspiration.

"No idea what to wear"

Valarie xx

She prepares you completely for your photo shoot, she becomes your greatest cheerleader. The photo shoot is like spending a day with your best friend laughing and forgetting that you entered the experience with insecurities.

"A day with friends"

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Because I schedule just one photo shoot per day to give each client a customized, luxury experience, I’m only able to take on a select number of bookings each month.

I can’t wait to connect and help you see yourself as the confident, sexy & beautiful woman you already are!

She does incredible work and seriously goes above and beyond to make your session comfortable and fun.

Miranda Davenport,

Nunnelly, TN

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