For the Woman Who’s Ready to Up Her Confidence, Embrace Her Natural Beauty, & Feel Sexy Now


You don’t need to …
… lose the weight
… hide your imperfections
… have the perfect skin, body, smile
… worry about your age (or any other perceived “flaw” you imagine you have)
… or even feel brave & confident

To look radiantly beautiful in the skin you’re in … right now.

Your body’s already gloriously beautiful. I can help you discover that.  

I’m boudoir photographer Kristen Fonville. Helping women become their own biggest fan & embrace their sexy is what I do. Photography is the medium I use to do it.

I’ve photographed lots of amazing women, and what I can tell you for sure is that no matter how you feel about your body or your life right now, a boudoir session has the power to transform the way you feel about almost everything.

Big claim, I know, but you don’t have to take my word for it.

Check out my reviews and read through some of my blog posts to hear women I’ve worked with share how one simple boudoir session upped their confidence, helped them own their sexy, and allowed them to embrace their natural beauty.

- becky

"This year has been a tough year and I have put on a lot of weight. I wanted to look sexy and confident like the women in the photos and prove to myself that I am still beautiful no matter my size.

I didn’t have to stress at all about my poses and facial expressions. She walked me through how to do each one and made it so effortless. I felt like a model the whole time. I was blown away at how they turned out. I looked sexy and confident which is exactly what I wanted, and my self esteem sky rocketed."

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Because I schedule just one photo shoot per day to give each client a customized, luxury experience, I’m only able to take on a select number of bookings each month.

I can’t wait to connect and help you see yourself as the confident, sexy & beautiful woman you already are!

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