5 Must Haves for Your Boudoir Shoot

OMG! You did it. You booked your boudoir shoot, you’ve marked it on the calendar and told your best girlfriend. And then she says. “Oh my gosh I’m so jealous I want to do one so bad! What are you going to wear?” And that’s when it hits you. You’re not sure. Because, there’s about a million and one different things you can wear. You start to think… Do I want ultra sexy, do I want cute and casual? AHHH!!!!

But girl I got you! After working with over 400 women of all shapes, sizes, personalities and backgrounds these are the 5 absolute musts for session day.

So, let’s break that down shall we. 😉

1. Ultra sexy & daring heels

These are the ones that you bought because when you put them on in the store and you walked past the little mirror you thought to yourself, “Damn, these are sexy. I may not know exactly when I’m ever going to wear them, but these bad boys are mine.”

And now they’ve been sitting in your closet just begging to come out and play. These are the heels I’m talking about. These are the ones you want to bring to your shoot. Your legs are going to look UH-MAZING and your booty will look FABULOUS. You want to bring the ones that stand out, that make you feel like the sexy goddess that you are.

There’s a reason Marilyn Monroe said, “Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world.” Well, ladies those “shoes” are the super sexy, daring heels.

So grab those heels and come meet me in the studio and let’s show those bad boys off. After all they’ve been in the closet far too long.

2. What makes you feel sexy

Are there a ton of things that you could wear to your shoot? Yes! But the key here is…What makes you feel sexy? What have your wore in the past that made you walk past the mirror and check your own self out, like..”Damn girl! You be lookin’ good.” 😉 The thing is there is no set uniform on what to wear to your shoot, this isn’t the military.

Want to wear thigh-highs with a super sexy gartered bra and panty set? Then let’s do it girl! Want to wear a simple v-neck tee with cheeky panties? Then we’ll rock that too! Have fun with it. Find something new, bring something that you’ve always loved, step outside of your comfort zone a little. You never know you might surprise yourself.

The truth is you can wear anything to your shoot, because we’ll it’s YOUR shoot. But just have fun with it. Show off your personality, let out that inner goddess, that sexy vixen, that bad-ass, whatever you want. This is the time to celebrate all of you, so book your shoot now don’t hold back. Because girl we are going to ROCK this!

3. Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Black…

Pick a color any color. Maybe you’re an All Black EVERYTHING kind of girl, maybe you love all things color or maybe you want to venture out a little with color but afraid you’ll end up looking like a Crayola box. Haha

But seriously, great creative and have fun with it. Try something that’s all lace with a pop of color using red heels or even an emerald statement necklace. Or a super sexy red bra and panty set with some classic black heels. The ideas are limitless here.

Maybe that special someone loves you in red. Then go all in. Love your blue eyes, then play them up by wearing something blue. Just have fun with it.

Have something in mind, but just not 100% sure about it? Shoot me a message, I’d be more than happy to help you pick out or find whatever it is that you’re thinking about. Together, I am positive that we can make your color vision come to life.

4. Let’s talk booty..cheeky booty

No, not that kind. Get your mind out of the gutter. 😉 I’m about your butt, hiney, tush, that peach. Everyone wants their butt to look UH-MAZING in photos and contrary to popular belief covering it up isn’t a good thing. You want to show it off. But show it off just a little. Don’t give them the whole show. Go for a cheeky panty.

The cheeky panty will become your best friend ladies! It gives you a little tease but doesn’t give it all away like a thong or g-string (which I call an eye patch cause that’s seriously all that thing will cover!). Go for black, go for a fun color. It doesn’t matter just grab that cheekies. And get your booty over to my studio so that I can show just how much of a peach you have. 😉

5. Something Special

Last, but most certainly not least. Bring in something special. Something that has meaning to you or that special someone.

Do you love the Preds? Bring in your jersey or team tee and I can promise you that we’ll score like Arvidsson.

Dating a firefighter? Bring in his gear and let’s heat some things up in the studio.

Is your husband in the military? Bring in his jacket and let’s make sure to welcome him home with a gift he’ll never forget.

Did you just get engaged? Bring in your veil on wedding night lingerie. And let’s create one hell of a grooms gift. I’ll go ahead and hand you over the best wife award now, because you’re going to knock his socks off.

Have something in mind, but just now sure how to incorporate it into your shoot. No worries. Shoot me a message and let’s brainstorm together.

The most important thing…

Okay, I know I said 5, but there’s one more must have for session day. It’s a little cliché? Yes, but it’s seriously the most important. Have you guessed it yet? No…Well it’s YOU. See told you a little cliché. But as long as you come and no matter what you wear; you feel sexy, confident, amazing, and fabulous then that’s all that’s needed to have an UH-MAZING shoot.

There are so many reasons to book a shoot, but no matter what your reason is. It’s my goal that you with every image and every pose that you feel comfortable, sexy and that your personality shines through.

Just remember to have fun with it and don’t be afraid to try new things. That’s part of the fun of doing a boudoir shoot.

Now, I’m ready when you are. Book your shoot with me now. I can’t wait to help you plan and discover YOUR perfect boudoir shoot.