Who wants to spend money on themselves when they have babies

What’s the one thing that nearly stopped you from doing a session?

Everyday life in general. Finding a day to take off work, finding a babysitter, not knowing if I was “wasting money” cause you know, who has  or wants to spend money on themselves when they have babies, thinking I’d be judged for taking photos ‘like that’, and most of all anxiety about the whole ordeal. But after the fact I can assure you finding the time, spending the money was all SOO worth it and it was by far NOT an ordeal.

What did you find as a result of doing your session?

Confidence I never knew I possessed. I found the woman my husband sees as beautiful, strong, and worthy.

Tell me 3 benefits you feel you got out of your boudoir experience?


– Awesome/BEST (curl your toes) sex the night my husband received the photo. 😉

– Photos that I’ll have years and years from now. Ones that I can show my daughter later in life. To show her that EVERY WOMAN is beautiful just the way they are!!!