I had just had my second child three months before

I’ve always wanted to do boudoir photos, but never felt confident enough to do them.  When I signed up, I had just had my second child three months before. I was still so tired all the time and really feeling down about myself and not happy with my body, even though this bad ass body grew two beautiful babies in less than two years!

But my actually session day was five months away, so I felt sure I could lose the rest of my baby weight.  Well, that didn’t happen. My session was coming up and I was thinking that I was disappointed in myself for not meeting my goals.  But you know what. I was still excited to do it.

I had seen others’ photos and LOVED the confidence that was obvious in those pictures.  I wanted that!

My session day came.  I was more excited that nervous.  I had my hair and makeup done by Meghan and loved what I saw in the mirror!  I changed into my first outfit. I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all around Kristen.  She is so sweet and personable, you just feel ready to do it! The session was SO much fun!  Kristen told me exactly what to do. I didn’t feel silly or anything, and we laughed and talked the whole time!  I was honestly a little sad when it was over, I would have done that all day LOL! We set the date for the picture reveal, and I was counting down!  It was less than a week, which was great because I couldn’t wait to see them! I get to Kristen’s for the reveal and felt like a kid at Christmas!

She started the slide show, and I couldn’t take my eyes away from what I saw!  I couldn’t believe how they turned out! I didn’t see my mom bod – my stomach or legs. I just saw me. But the hot, sexy me that looked like a total natural! I walked out of there feeling on top of the world!

This experience has seriously been one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.  I have NEVER felt as confident as I did after seeing these pictures. As women, we always beat ourselves up, and we totally shouldn’t!  This made me see myself in a whole new light. Opened my eyes to the fact that I’m more than just a working mom. I might still be a mom (and have a mom bod!), but I feel like so much more now.  I can look at myself and see beyond the imperfections. I know what’s really there!

Thank you, Kristen, for doing what you do!  And ladies. If you’ve been thinking about this – stop thinking and do it!  Do it for you. You deserve to feel your best!