Grew up a complex that I’m a bigger girl and I can’t be cute

Ya’ll I’m so excited to share this blog post with you. Miss K is stunning and I can’t even contain my excitement for her next session. But enough of that..on to what Miss K has to say.

I am very self conscious about my body, I love my family but I have always grown up with this complex that because I’m a bigger girl I can’t be cute. It has taken me a while to get past that but it almost stopped me from doing it a session and it most certainly pushed me from setting up an appointment for a while.

But, after doing the session I felt different. I felt better about myself. As weird as it may sound it was the boost I needed to feel confident about my body and seeing the things I always have hated about myself in a new light.

I went in doing this session as a way to give my husband a cute gift for our anniversary. I left this experience knowing that seeing myself in a different light was the eye opener I needed to feel happy about myself. And even though he enjoyed the photos I don’t think he could ever understand exactly what that experience did for me. He just gets to enjoy the benefit of a more confident wife and lover.

I would definitely recommend doing a Boudoir session to any and every woman. It’s a chance for you to fall in love with yourself and I think as women we are forced to nitpick our existence so much that we never do truly fall in love with our vessel.