EVERY woman should be proud of who she

Society’s beauty standards are so flawed. EVERY woman should be proud of who she is NO MATTER her weight or her scars or her hair color. Magazines and movies make women think they have failed themselves because they are not 110 pound models who look perfect everyday. This is NOT reality. Men (and women) love their women unconditionally, baby weight, wrinkles and all.

It has taken me getting to late 40’s, now 50, to really appreciate myself. I feel better about my body now then I ever did in my twenties or thirties. My husband loves me now as much if not more than 25 years ago. I have given birth to two children and it is amazing that we, as women, can do that. I am trying to teach my 18 year old daughter to appreciate her body and not to worry about what anyone else thinks about how she looks.

As long as you love yourself that is all that matters. I wish I had known that when I was younger, I would not have wasted so much time on worrying about what others thought and spent my time doing more worthwhile things.

My husband asked for the boudoir shoot for his birthday and it happened to work out that I got my pictures taken a few weeks before my 50th birthday, I wasn’t too nervous, I was kind of excited. The shoot itself was awesome. Kristen makes you feel so comfortable, tells you exactly what she wants and the time flew by.

When we looked at our photos I was kind of shocked- “ I look like that?”. Yes, my husband said, everyday.

The photos were so flattering and made me feel very proud of myself. He picked his favorites for his book and we got all the shots. I will look at them sometimes and think, yep, that’s me!

I would tell any woman thinking about doing a boudoir shoot to DO IT. It makes you feel special and beautiful, if you can do it when you’re in your twenties or thirties and keep doing them every five to ten years after to see how you’ve changed (improved)- DO IT!

I wish I had done it years ago. You will not regret it, your man (or woman) will love them and you will cherish them for the rest of your lives.