A perfect “1st married Christmas” gift for my husband

I had heard of these “boudoir” photo shoots a few years ago and it instantly became a bucket list item for me. This last year, I thought it would a perfect “1st married Christmas” gift for my husband!

I’m a curvy girl and as I tell everyone, “these hips don’t lie!” Today’s world is harsh and cruel but I don’t care what ‘society’ thinks because doing this shoot and Kristen made me feel amazing! I felt unstoppable and it gave me a boost of confidence that I thought I would never have again. I saw that my curves were beautiful. It gave me a glimpse of what my husband sees when he looks at me. Everyone has imperfections, no doubt, but life is too short to dwell negatively on the things that make you, you!

My hubby absolutely loved the album I gave him for Christmas! It was SO HARD to keep it all a secret until Christmas Day, but SO WORTH IT!

I couldn’t imagine anyone else but Kristen taking these photos. She automatically feels like a long time best friend as soon as you meet her and she does a fabulous job at helping you flatter yourself whether it’s with different poses or outfits, etc.

My advice to any woman contemplating a boudoir shoot is..

A: Do things that make you happy and make you feel good about yourself and

B: Challenge yourself to step out of that comfy zone and do something unique! Do it for you! Anyone who gets a peak is getting a favor!