It’s been the hardest secret that I had to keep from him

For the last several years I’ve been looking into boudoir shoots, but not to the point of actually reaching out to a photographer. I have felt like I would not look like the beautiful women I’ve seen in those types of photographs. 

But my wedding is approaching this year so I decided to do it for myself, my confidence and of course my fiancé for his day of wedding gift. I started researching boudoir photographers near me. Not many in my area so I expanded to the Nashville area and that’s where I came across Kristen. I looked at her work and found it to be amazing. I read the testimonial reviews and felt that all the feelings the other ladies had, I had as well. Those feelings being that I wasn’t beautiful enough, how I wouldn’t look good in any of those sexy outfits and how I didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin.

When I had the phone consultation, I was nervous to talk about it. Kristen made it easy to talk to and so comfortable on the phone. At that moment I decided to do it! It was a now or never moment. I started my searching for outfits. That part was kinda hard, as I had a hard time trying to picture myself in those skimpy outfits as I am not model like the sites have. I am a mother of 3 and have a stomach that I can’t stand. I don’t wear these kinds of outfits and I never have. I am a long sleeve t-shirt and comfy pj pants kinda girl. 

As picture day is approaching, I am getting more nervous about my shoot. Kristen is amazing as she communicates with you leading up to your day. As I make that 1.5hr drive my nerves kept building of nervousness, anxiety, and excitement all at once! I finally arrive and Kristen comes out to help with my things and at that moment every feeling goes away. She has a calming effect to her. It feels like you have known each other for 20+ years.

After getting my hair and makeup done by Meghan I felt so beautiful, as I don’t wear full-face makeup. As the shoot begins, I do feel a little awkward as I don’t wear these outfits to begin with. And I’m in front of someone else that’s not my fiancé. As the shoot goes on… I’m thinking to myself that I hope I don’t look like I’m making an ugly face or look as awkward as I feel because some of the poses feel that way. After the shoot was said and done we set a date for the reveal session and I was very shocked that it was going to be done so quickly. 

Reveal day comes and I’m nervous but so excited as I have seen one sneak peek and I couldn’t believe that one was ME! As I’m seeing these pictures for the very first time, I am in awe! I couldn’t believe that was me, looking all sexy, strong and powerful! All the thoughts of me thinking I wasn’t gonna like the way I looked in any of these, well I was completely wrong! I had an absolute hard time picking 15 pictures for my album. 

Since this is a gift, it’s been the hardest secret that I had to keep from him. I can’t show how excited or happy I am with how everything turned out because my fiancé will pick up on it and know something is up. As he knows me so very well! Once the wedding day comes I will be able to show off how I feel in my own skin!

Ladies listen to me, if you have been on the fence about a shoot, just DO IT! You will not regret it! It will help you see what everyone else sees everyday! So go schedule a consultation with Kristen because it’s absolutely free to do so!

I already can’t wait to have a second shoot in the future and hopefully the next one will be with my husband!!

Hair and makeup by Declan + Mae