My husband approached me out of the blue

I joined Kristen’s FB page about a year ago when a friend of mine added me to the group. I had always admired ladies that did these photoshoots and longed to have even half of the confidence that they exuded. 

It was around September of this year that I hit an all-time low. I am the mother of a three-year-old and a Police wife. I was working a job that kept me on the road traveling across 4 states which added a ton of extra pounds to my physique. I was constantly stressed out with work, marriage, and motherly duties. 

My husband approached me out of the blue one day worried about me and wondering if I even wanted to be married to him anymore. Wow! I was stunned by this. My low self-esteem was taking a toll on our marriage, and I was totally blind to it. 

After the shock of everything, I finally got myself together and owned up to everything. It was time to take control and prove to my husband that I love him more than anything. I wanted to show him in a very special way that I love him, and I wanted to see myself as a sexy confident woman. 

That’s when I decided to plan a photoshoot. Kristen was so easy to talk to, and it felt like we had been best friends all along. She kept in touch with me during the months leading up to the shoot giving me tips leading up to the day of the shoot. On the day of my shoot, I woke up feeling like a kid on Christmas morning. I was so excited!

Once I got to the studio and got my hair and makeup done, I felt like a rock star and was ready to get my sexy on! Kristen made me so comfortable by walking me through poses and telling me what to do with my facial expressions. Once I got to see my pictures, I was blown away. I couldn’t believe how sexy and confident I looked. 

This whole process has really changed my perception of my physique, and I can see myself through my husband’s eyes. I believe him when he says I’m beautiful, and I know now that I can be fierce, confident, and sexy. 

If you are struggling with your confidence, I highly encourage you to try a boudoir session. Just the sheer fact that you were able to wear lingerie in front of a stranger and let her take pictures will leave you with a ton of confidence once it’s over. You will see yourself in so many new ways you never thought possible. No matter what your insecurities are you are beautiful and unique, and Kristen knows how to show the best of your qualities

Hair and makeup by Declan+Mae