Never believed I’d go through with it

Originally, I only wanted to do as a birthday present for my husband of 23 years. I have never even believed for a second I’d go through with a boudoir session. 

I’ve been obese since my first pregnancy 21 years ago. I let myself go and devoted every ounce of my energy to my children. I know I’m shy but I didn’t realize how low my self-confidence had become. Like it’s so sad that anyone else would ever not see their beauty but it’s second nature for me to only see my flaws.

Then I met Kristen. She promised me I would love my pictures and she meant it. I felt so comfortable talking to her. After our first meeting, this boudoir session became more of a self-love journey for me. I opened up to Kristen about all the stress in my life. Our youngest son is very chronically ill. He’s in and out of the hospital. I’ve learned over the years how to juggle being a mom, wife and full-time nurse while learning to cope with a sick child. I realized that talking with Kristen; how important it is to pamper and love myself. So, I refocused on what I wanted from my session. 

I took the next few months consulting Kristen about what outfits. All the what if’s and advice on how to pamper and love myself. Then the session, it was so much fun. I allowed myself to be pampered and told how beautiful I was for hours. I felt so confident the entire time. We laughed and talked about so many things. It was AMAZING! 

Then my big debut image reveal! All I saw was a beautiful mom, daughter, sister, friend, and wife. I saw my smile that people always compliment. My kind eyes. The sexy, playful look I give my husband. I saw the brave soul I have grown into. I look at my pictures daily. It’s a positive reminder of the beauty within and on the outside. Thank you Kristen for giving me my confidence back! Thank you Meghan for knowing how to highlight my eyes and smile. Y’all are amazing! Even if you think you aren’t sure about doing a session… do it! It’s so invigorating and such a confidence boost!

Hair and makeup by Declan + Mae