As a mom, you only have so much time in the mornings

Casual Outfits

As a Mom, you only have so much time in the mornings to get yourself ready and your little ones ready and out the door. Sometimes it’s very easy to let yourself go. I think it is important to love the way you look and try to take care of yourself the best you can without living up to all the standards that society puts on us. It’ll just add more stress when you are constantly comparing your body to someone else.

Standing boudoir poses

Backlit boudoir photo

Before I booked the shoot I was very nervous. Worried I would look huge in all of my photos and just worried about how they would turn out. But none of that happened. It was actually the very opposite. The pictures were amazing. STUNNING! The makeup and hair were put together so beautifully. I wasn’t nervous when shooting but having fun. Different poses, different faces.

Seeing the images I was Amazed, I probably wanted to cry. I thought I looked the most beautiful I have ever seen myself. It was a real confidence booster. I think my favorite was seeing the results. Like you know they will look good, but you don’t realize how good they are until you are looking at them. Then it is so hard to choose the pictures you want! That is the hardest part. You take amazing photos, and seeing them on the screen for the first time is just an awe experience.

Ladies! Just do it. Don’t think about it; just do it. You might be waiting for the perfect timing, but don’t worry about that. Do it. You will not regret it, and you will love yourself even more.


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