Top 5 Anniversary Ideas

Thinking of gifting the gift of you this year? It’s a great idea! Here are some of the most popular outfit ideas used in our Nashville studio.

1. Men’s Button Up

Classic, effortless, and something that men just love!

2. Sports or Work Uniforms

Nothing like a tribute to the team or the role he plays every day.

3. Naughty Costume

Fulfill one of his fantasies! It’s super cute and playful.

4. Just A Sheet

This classic Marilyn Monroe style gives just enough hints to get him all riled up!

5. Playful Accessories

If you already have them on hand or you’re thinking of adding some spice to your bedroom, these accessories really kick things up and make your pictures hot!

The gift of you is a perfect idea! We offer hair and makeup as well to make the session relaxed and all about you. If you’d like more info just reach out.