5 Boudoir Pitfalls After Losing Weight

You’ve seen all those sexy photo shoots. Women use them to feel great and celebrate a huge milestone! This would be great for your personal journey! But you’re also thinking… “I don’t even know where to start!”

Sure, these shoots sound complicated, but you can breathe a little easier if you follow these tips.

1. Avoid unsupported chest areas

Very supportive bra

One of the first things to go when you lose weight is the perkiness of your boobs! I don’t know what kind of silly trick the universe is playing on us, but it’s 100% true. For that reason, avoid unsupported pieces. If the girls are already feeling out of control now. Imagine laying down, laying on your side, and posing for pictures in general. It’s going to be 1000 times worse without some type of support.

2. Toss the underwear that comes in the set

Great pair of underwear

Manufactures spend the majority of their money on the details on the top. Which means they put little effort into the bottoms. The typical bottoms that come in a set are cheap, low cut, flimsy, and non-existent. You end up buying a set but feel something is a little off which makes you unsure. It’s the bottoms! They’re an afterthought to make it sound like a better deal. Buy a pair on it’s own like the ones above.

3. Avoid bottoms that sit on your hips

Curvy blonde boudoir before & after

That’s usually were a lot of stubborn fat or loose skin sits as well. Things that sit at your hips squeeze and pinch which make you look like you have a muffin top. Even though it’s not true, it can easily trick you into believing you’ve made very little progress. And we want to highlight everything you’ve accomplished instead.

4. Avoid satin babydolls and slips

Great alternative to lace babydoll

Lace is a great alternative. Satin is great for the bedroom because it feel good. But in the camera it’s bulky, reflective, and for lack of a better word rolly. Yes, they create extra bends, twist, and rolls! That’s not something we’re trying to add to your photos.

5. Avoid cutouts and straps on the lower half

Bodysuit that works great

Cutouts and strappy things look super cute and flawless in the product shots. But in reality, a lot of work went into that ONE shot. They had to make sure none of the cutouts or straps were sinking into the skin and that nothing was slipping out. Well you want more than one shot, so avoid cutouts and straps around the hips, butt and thighs. We love bodysuits as a great alternative.

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