Super Proud Of Myself For Such A Huge Step

I have always been super modest and my husband is constantly telling me how beautiful I am. I wanted to do this as a surprise for him, but honestly, it ended up being the best thing I’ve ever done for myself in my life!

My boudoir session was by far the biggest boost of confidence I have ever experienced. To be quite honest, it has empowered me so much that I am super confident in my own skin. My husband absolutely loves the confidence boost that I now have after doing the session!

OMG, I have to find outfits! I have to lose weight! I need a tan! I have to have my hair perfect! Honestly ??? None of that was needed! Kristen was always willing to help with outfit choices by looking at texted pictures, text questions, modeling for her during a Zoom call LOL! I did not lose any weight as I wanted. But, you know what? I absolutely loved all my pics and they portray exactly who I am today!

Actually, the scariest part was the initial phone call appointment with Kristen just because I really had no clue. I booked my session on that initial call mainly because Kristen put me at ease with all my questions and concerns and made me feel super comfortable. She had me at hello!

I am super proud of myself for taking the huge step. The changes in how I feel about myself are unbelievable! I would not have changed a thing about the whole experience!

Hair & Makeup by Declan+Mae