Overcoming My Inner Monologue

I can’t describe the confidence boost this shoot gave me. I have gained quite a bit of weight in the last six or seven years and really felt that I wouldn’t be beautiful again until I lost the weight. I did this shoot to prove to myself that I am beautiful at any size and any age. I wanted to kick off this new decade in my life loving my body and excited about what is to come.

After I booked my shoot, my days were filled with looking for outfits and deciding what my themes were. Working with Kristen through this phase was so helpful and fun. I was so excited about my shoot and told everyone I know about it.

I think the scariest part for me was overcoming my inner monologue that I was too fat to be sexy. Kristen is so skilled at posing that all your insecurities melt away and all that is left are some smoking hot photos.

I’m so proud of myself for not trying to hide too much. My favorite pictures from the shoot are actually the ones where I’m wearing the least amount of clothes. After my shoot, I felt so confident and sexy. I carried my post-shoot glow for weeks.

If you are on the fence, DO IT! You won’t regret investing in yourself and seeing yourself from another’s point of view. When I showed my pictures to my boyfriend I said “I had no idea they could ever turn out this incredible” and he said, “I did, you’re beautiful and these pictures just highlight that.” I couldn’t see that without Kristen’s (and Meghan’s) help. I’m already saving up for my next shoot, they are addictive!

Hair & Makeup by Declan+Mae