Never considered myself “sexy

Tip from Miss K’s session Don’t forget the props! The more memorable the better. Imagine her future husband’s face, seeing his guitar in her sexy photos. You can do the same!

Hear from Miss K – I wanted to surprise my fiancé as a wedding gift. I am pretty shy, so I know he will really love this! My confidence has been kind of low for the past couple years and I have never considered myself “sexy”. My mindset definitely changed after the shoot and seeing my photos!

After I signed up I was terrified. This was not my thing at all! I wanted to back out, but I only heard good things about going through with it. Kristen made me feel so comfortable during this process and having the group on Facebook was a big help!

The scariest part for me was wearing lingerie. I have never owned any. I’m an athlete and grew up in a conservative family. Sports bras and spandex filled my drawers. I had NO IDEA what to wear or what my fiancé, Caleb, would like. I am thankful for Kristen’s help and inspiration from Pinterest! They helped me pick the perfect outfits and use Caleb’s favorite guitar for the shoot!

I will admit that I am a flake, so I am most proud of showing up for the shoot and rocking it! I feel more comfortable in my skin now and can see how sexy I really am! I can’t wait to do another shoot!

Whoever is reading this, do the shoot!

Hair & Makeup by Declan+Mae