I know that I don’t have a reason to be worried about anything anymore

Tip from Miss H’s session Little accessories are a huge deal! A pair of handcuffs. A wedding garter. A simple pair of heels. These things add up. And even if you’re planning on doing something natural, it can really bring the finishing touches to your images.

Hear from Miss H – Honestly, I’m not one to go out and do things for myself. I would rather spend my time and money on making the people around me happy. I have always hated my body for some reason, but after my fiancé saw the images and his reaction to them, I know that I don’t have a reason to be worried about anything anymore.

I was honestly so nervous! I’ve never worn lingerie around my fiancé, let alone a stranger! I was also super excited because I knew that my fiancé was going to love the gift.
The most intimidating thing was getting myself to be so vulnerable for someone I barely knew. As soon as I started talking to Kristen, all of those worries went away. She was so easy to talk to and it felt like I had known her forever!

I’m most proud of the fact that I went out and did it. I would’ve never seen myself doing something like this even 6 months ago. I feel a lot better about my body and the confidence that I carry has risen so much!

If you’re unsure if you want to do this or not, do it! It’ll all turn out soo well and you’ll be thankful that you went out of your comfort zone for a few hours.

Hair & Makeup by Declan and Mae