More Confident And Comfortable in My Skin

I needed a confidence boost, I didn’t feel good in my own skin. Also, I wanted to use the images to make an album for my fiance as a wedding gift!

I have tried different things to boost my confidence but nothing really helped me. I definitely feel more confident and comfortable in my own skin after doing a boudoir session!

I was nervous but also extremely excited! I didn’t know what to expect for the day of the session, but I knew it would be a good thing for me.

The scariest part was having to be in front of someone I had just met a few minutes before, in lingerie. I wasn’t even comfortable in lingerie in front of my significant other, so I was very anxious about that.

After I changed into my first outfit, I was very nervous, but as we started the session, I got more comfortable and relaxed.

Hair & Makeup by Alex Bizzoco