Classic Look With A Jewel Tone

Images below but first….

A word from Miss K: Over the past year of working out and working hard to gain strength, I have tried to stop looking at the scale and start looking at the things that my body can do now. I can actually do push-ups and I am working towards pull-ups! The biggest confidence booster I have had is to start looking at what I can do not what I weigh.

Honestly, it was really difficult for me to buy the outfits. Every other piece of lingerie I have owned before this shoot was babydoll style because it made me comfortable. I was worried about fitting into the outfits and how I’d feel in them. When I actually received all of them I hopped on Snapchat with some girlfriends and asked their opinions. Every girl needs ultimate hype friends like them to tell you that you are KILLING the look. Just BUY the outfit and try it on!

Oh my goodness, I was just SO excited to see the photos. It was such a fun time unlike anything I have ever done before. Now I still haven’t decided how I am giving the album to my fiancé, but it has been so much fun trying to think of creative ways to do it.

I bought the outfits that I never would have considered before and I took these photos that I NEVER would have taken before. I am still feeling the confidence boost and honestly it makes me want to go buy a camera and make my friends understand why they need to do a boudoir shoot of their own. Everyone should do one!

Kristen was the best photographer I could have asked for. She made me feel comfortable, she helped make sure I looked perfect in the photos, and she was hilarious. Seriously such a fun day.

Hair & Makeup by Alex Bizzoco