I think every woman should find a way to feel beautiful

Soooo… overall did you have a good time?

Would you do it again?
Hell YES! Is tomorrow too soon?

What’s the one thing that nearly stopped you doing a session?
Finding time… trying to juggle 4 kids, a full-time job and volunteer firefighter it’s hard to find time

But what did you find as a result of doing this session?
I felt better about myself and felt girly again

And what specific thing did you like most about this experience?
I loved how friendly and comfortable it was there and the great environment

What are 3 other benefits you got out of this?
I felt beautiful
I gained a lot of self-confidence
And made my husband super happy!!!

Would you recommend this to another woman? If so, why?
Yes Yes Yes. I think every woman should find a way to feel beautiful and sometimes we lose that feeling because of having kids or too busy not to fix hair or do makeup or have a manly type job that doesn’t make us feel girly. Doing this gives you that self-esteem that you need to feel beautiful.

Is there anything you’d like to add?
I love love love your work and can’t wait to do it again!!!