I was blown away that sexy seductive person in the photos was ME

I’m 35 and a mother of 3, 1 Being an emergency C-section. The changes my body has gone through has taken a toll on my emotional roller coaster of if I’m good enough based off of what society has set for standards. And as all women know whether it’s a weight problem or changes after pregnancy. That’s bad enough then there’s this glorious thing called GRAVITY, so who really thinks about “ hey I’m going to go meet some person I’ve never met and taken half naked pictures on myself” !?!? I know I never did.

I came across this site on Facebook while scrolling during a commercial on a feeling cruddy, junk food kind of day. Reading what the other beautiful ladies said about their experience, I figured why not? So I emailed Kristen and we got things set up which was a very easy and simple process she helped guide me through outfit ideas and my nerves didn’t set in until the day I drove to my shoot. Once their Kristen was awesome and very welcoming. My makeup was amazingly done by Brie and then it was photo time.

Throughout my whole session, Kristen made it her sole mission of making me feel comfortable so I could be at my best and most relaxed. The best part about all of this was discovering how comfortable it all became, it is no pressure and all about you without disruption, nothing else mattered at that moment.

I walked out of my session with my head held high and feeling 100 times more confident than I did walking into my session. The next week I was so anxious and it was like being a kid again on Christmas morning when I finally got to see my pictures. I was blown away that sexy seductive person in the photos was ME …a ME that was completely comfortable and in love with myself and my body and that feeling is priceless. The package I bought came with an app on my phone, when I got home and showed my husband he literally gasped, which I have not seen that since our wedding day five years ago.

All I can say is you owe it to yourself to have fun and find the beautiful woman that sometimes gets lost in the misconception of society and the pressure to feel, be, and look perfect. You are perfectly imperfect and don’t let anyone tell you that’s not OK.