I couldn’t sleep the night before

There was more to my story…I did my first shoot a couple of years ago to boost my marriage so to speak, but little did I know what was going on at that time. So when I did the second shoot I did it for me. As women we really should do things for ourselves to keep us grounded, keep us from getting lost in the everyday of life.

I was nervous on both shoots, I couldn’t sleep the night before. That thought of, “Oh no! I’ll be half naked in front of someone.” thought kept running through my head. See I’m a very private person, but I thought you know there are small opportunities you have in life to look back and say “live” so I pushed those thoughts aside.

Put my heels and pretties in the car and went with it. With the first shoot I set out to do what I was set out to do, even if things didn’t work out has I hoped. I was underweight and was very uncomfortable when I walked in and saw all the gorgeous curvy women hanging up in the studio. I thought how am I supposed to follow that! (haha)

Then I held my head up, looked back up at those photos and said to myself, “you can do this too.” And so I did. In fact I’ve done it twice now! The second shoot I was not as nervous but my self-esteem had been compromised after learning all that I did about my marriage. But once I got to the studio and finished up with make-up. I was was there she is! That beautiful women, I knew she was there, just hiding.

 My advice to ALL the beautiful women out there  and we’re all beautiful curvy, small, short, tall, etc.. who have lost their self she’s in there pull her out! Don’t think of it like oh I’m half naked…think of it like a boost you don’t have to share any photos if you don’t want (but your going want to haha that’s how hot you’re going to look and feel).

Makeup artist Declan + Mae