I feel there is no perfect size for all women

When I think about what society sees as beautiful I immediately picture a woman who is a size 2 with no fat and cellulite/no flaws and perfectly styled at all times.

And having that image pushes in your face all the time by society can leave you feeling a little doubtful in yourself. There are a ton of women who are on a journey to self love. I know it’s definitely something I’m still working on.

I’m learning to love my body, but also trying to make my body healthier and last longer. I feel there is no perfect size for all women, but I’m learning I’m at my happiest when I’m running and can shop in stores without having to go to their biggest size. I’m learning to love myself more with a messy mom bun and no makeup than i did before. My husband sure helps with this one, as he prefers me makeup less. It’s all about finding your balance and finding what makes you feel happy and confident not what society thinks or says.

I think that’s why I loved doing a boudoir session. I mean don’t get me wrong someone else seeing me in my lingerie was most certainly nerve wrecking! But I felt more comfortable than I expected. Kristen was great, we chatted about everyday life and she great at taking my mind of the nervous.

Seeing the images…Well, I was definitely shocked when I saw them.

I don’t usually like photos of myself. Seriously, maybe 1 in 1000 I might actually like. But not in this case.

There were so many that I loved. In fact I didn’t think I’d look at my own photos as much as I have.