I said to myself, do it!

Wow, what an experience!!

This adventure started over a year ago. I saw a posting on Facebook that Kristen had put, and I inquired. I inquired for a friend that I thought needed a pick-me-up, because she had just separated from her husband. She ended up not doing a session, but I kept thinking about it. My friend and I had been working out, and that made me really think about it more. Fast forward a year (or more).

I saw another posting that Kristen had posted. I said to myself, do it! What made me go for it was the pictures that Kristen had posted. Especially the picture of herself. It amazed me that she can get the best look with any size or shape of women. Me not being a small woman, I thought that I don’t have to buy any photos if she can’t make me look great! Lol….

I didn’t think she would have over 60 pictures that looked great!!! Holy crap! I had to narrow it down!

Anyway, I felt so comfortable with her. I think she could have talked me into getting half naked! Oh wait, I was half naked!!! She is that amazing! I never once felt uncomfortable.

Pictures are amazing!!

Thank you Kristen for an awesome experience!