It’s comparable to a natural high

I was so excited when I came across Kristen on Facebook. I instantly loved her photos and after reading all the reviews I knew she was the one. Once I booked everything that was said in the reviews was so accurate.

The day of the shoot you’ll feel and look amazing, comparable to a natural high, and you’ll be floored when you see the images – regardless of any insecurities that you might have.

And the confidence and self-esteem boost, well who doesn’t want that?! Doing the shoot made me proud of myself, for my fitness progress, for trying something new and I didn’t know I was such a fox! I’ve never seen myself like that. I’m motivated to keep progressing and do another session and see how far I’ve come.

Everyone should do a boudoir session. I promise you not will ever regret doing a shoot! EVER!

Plus Kristen and Brie and so sweet and super easy to talk to and work with. And ladies, I’ll leave you with this little tidbit. When Kristen tells you to breathe through your mouth, she’ll tell you it may feel a little awkward and it does, but just trust her, I promise it will NOT make you look like a squirrel in heat. (haha)