It wasn’t just my physical body that suffered

Sooo…overall did you have a good time?

YES!!! I would do it again, is tomorrow too soon? Haha!

What’s one thing that nearly stopped you from doing a session?

After my twins were born, it wasn’t just my physical body that suffered. My mentality did as well. I wanted to cover myself up as much as possible. I couldn’t imagine being so vulnerable with a total stranger!

What did you find as a result of having the KFB experience?

This session had an amazing impact on my self-awareness of my own body, my confidence and most of all, the ability to feel comfortable in my own skin!

Was there anything specific that you liked most about your experience?

I loved meeting Kristen. Her ability to make you feel like a friend, so comfortable and so beautiful, put my mind at ease instantly and I was able to embrace the experience without fear of judgement.

Name 3 other benefits you got for your session besides gorgeous images?

Humm let’s see.. 1. It forced me out of my comfort zone. Which was actually pretty awesome.

2. I got to buy some sexy lingerie! Which is something that I hadn’t done for myself in who knows how long. And 3. I completely surprised my husband with the images and he was genuinely shocked! And I am terrible at keeping secrets from my police officer hubby so this one was a true success story!

Would you recommend the KFB experience to another woman?

Yes absolutely recommend this for any woman! It’s super fun, therapeutic, and something everyone needs at some point in their life.