As a mom of 3, I’m not in the same shape as I used to be

When I booked my boudoir shoot with Kristen. I think I was still a little in shock that I actually did it. Me, the women who are so self-conscious about her body. As a mom of 3, I’m not in the same shape as I used to be. I guess you could say that I have the “mom body” now or whatever that is supposed to mean anyway.

But I guess that’s the funny thing about doing a boudoir shoot, well at least doing a boudoir shoot with Kristen. None of that matters. It doesn’t matter if you feel self-conscious about the fact that you have a little extra weight, it doesn’t matter if you’re feeling self-conscious because you wish you had more curves.

Because no matter what you’re feeling nervous, scared or worried about. All of that and I mean all of that goes right out the window as soon as you walk in the studio door and meet Kristen face to face.

You’ve probably already read it from another woman, but we all keep saying it because it’s the truth. You will instantly feel like you’ve known her for years. You’ll walk in the studio a little (okay maybe a lot haha) nervous, but by the end of it, you’re ripping clothes off and changing and strutting around in your underwear like you’ve known each other your whole life.

Session day is a ton of fun. I got to feel like a princess while Brie did my hair and makeup (this ladies is a must). We laughed and joked the entire time.

But best of all I now have an album full of beautiful photos. Photos that I can, will and do always look back at. I left the studio that day feeling sexy, confident, beautiful, and strong and those feelings they stay. That self-confidence boost is something all women could use.

So, don’t for a second ladies think that you can’t do a boudoir shoot because you’re not the “model” type or that you don’t have the right curves. Kristen’s right when she says it’s for every woman for every shape and size. I encourage all women to do a session. You will NOT regret it for one second.

Thank you, Kristen, for making me feel beautiful and giving me the self-confidence I have so dearly been missing.