I thought for sure I’d get super nervous

Sooooo…overall did you have a good time?

Humm…Yes! Is that even a question?!

What would have stopped you from doing the shoot?

Nothing! Hahaha. I thought for sure I’d get super nervous, but with Kristen checking in and helping with literally everything. I never got the chance to ever get nervous. Just more excited.

Was there anything that surprised you about doing a session?

You know this may sound funny. But it was how every review I read prior to the shoot is sooo accurate. I guess as I was reading them you can’t help but think that’s great for her, but what about me. LOL But the day of the shoot you’ll feel and look amazing, comparable to a natural high, and you’ll be floored when you see the pictures – regardless of any insecurities you might have.

What is one thing that you loved most about the experience?

Name one thing?! Are you kidding, that’s an impossible tasks! Everything was great. But it I had to say one I’d say the confidence/self-esteem boost. I mean come on now who doesn’t need and want that!

But I have to add…even though I know you said one. Because dang it, I’m proud of me, for my fitness progress, for trying something new, it all. I’m impressed, I didn’t know I was such a fox! I’ve never seen myself like that.

Is there anything that you’d like to add?

Yes! Ladies do it. Don’t overthink it. Just book your shoot. You will have a blast and I promise you won’t regret it. Oh and I also promise that breathing through you mount will NOT make you look like a squirrel in heat – so just trust Kristen and do it. HAHA!