I’ve struggled with not taking the baby fat off


The best gift I could give myself was a boudoir shoot! For the past 16 years, I’ve struggled with not taking the baby fat off. Not spending the time or energy to present my best self. Not having the time or energy to be able to get myself together, and aging faster than I thought.

Honestly, I only scheduled my shoot because my very beautiful friend showed me her photos. I’ve always been pretty confident, but I wasn’t completely confident that I could get the same jaw-dropping photos my friend got. 

Boy was I wrong! Not only did my photos turn out better than I thought, but I saw a side of myself that I hadn’t seen in years. I saw a soft, beautiful woman that I’m not sure I’ve ever really met. That baby fat that I saw in the mirror turned out to be beautiful curves. The aged trainwreck of a lady that I normally see was a radiant, sexy, ball of sass. For once I saw the me that I use to be, the me that I want to continue to be… the me that I am. 

The overall experience was great. From my first email response from Kristen to the moment I received my photos I knew I was in great hands. Kristen took several opportunities to get to know me and what I was looking for. 

She stayed in contact and made sure I was comfortable leading up to my shoot. When I arrived for my shoot, it was the first time that Kristen and I laid eyes on each other, but it was like we’ve been friends for years. 

The day wasn’t “work as usual” for Kristen and it wasn’t just me taking some pictures. I actually felt like I was hanging out with an old friend that happened to have a camera and caught amazing images of me being me.

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