I have always been heavy from the time I was small

I was scrolling through Facebook one day and came across an ad for a boudoir photo shoot. Knowing my 10th wedding anniversary was coming up and my husband was so hard to buy for… I knew it would be something shocking to him and something he would love. I also knew it would be something new and out of the box for me.

I have always been heavy from the time I was small on into adulthood. And on top of that, the past four years I have been struggling with thyroid disease, surgery, weight gain, and an inability to lose weight. 

I kind of wanted to do it to see myself from a different perspective as well. Over the years I don’t do my makeup as much or really fix my hair. Rarely ever do I get dressed up to go out. I have never thought of myself as ugly, and I know I am big, but I have always been confident in the skin I wear. 

Once it was my time for the photoshoot I actually wasn’t that nervous. I felt gorgeous after I had my hair and makeup done. I felt like I could do anything. I think picking the right outfits and Kristen’s enthusiasm helped as well. 

For the women who think to themselves, I could never do it or I’m too big. You can do it and you’re not too big. It gives you a whole new confidence you never knew you had. I’m not one to usually flaunt around in my lingerie, but I have had so many people see my pictures and compliment on them.