It took me years to finally just decide

Tip from Miss S’s session Variety is the key! She went with totally different types of lingerie (bodysuit, bra & panty, just a sheet). And it added a lot of variety to her shoot. Instead of thinking only in color try different types to add variety to your shoot.

Hear from Miss S – There were two reasons for doing a boudoir shoot, one was that I wanted to see myself as beautiful and confident, the second was to create a timeless gift for my other half.

I try to practice healthy habits to boost my confidence on a regular basis, but the boudoir shoot took it to a whole different level. It forced me to focus on the things I loved about my body and to just be comfortable with who I am right now in this moment, even though I don’t love everything about my physical being. I worry about not being fit enough, thin enough, muscular enough, having too much cellulite, and many more negative feelings that take away from who I truly am. The boudoir session allowed me to just exist in the moment and be the woman I am without hesitation.

I had major anxiety, every time I thought about putting on lingerie and standing in front of a camera. But I was determined to do this, for me. As the days passed and my scheduled session grew closer, I became more and more excited about the experience. The morning of the shoot, I gave myself a pep talk… to just go have fun, because why not?

The most intimidating part for me was reaching out. It took me years to finally just decide that I needed to make it happen. Thank goodness, Kristen texted back and eased all my worries. After our first phone call, I knew I had found the right person to help me through the process.

I am most proud of the fact that I walked through my anxiety and didn’t give into it. I find that I am able to reflect on those moments and know that I am capable of not letting fear control me all the time. I am more aware now, that my fears and anxiety tend to be the hardest hurdle where as the stuff I am worried about is usually easy and no big deal once I am in it.
I have found that I am far more comfortable in my body. I don’t worry so much about the extra curves or the idea of having the perfect body for my swimsuit. I have been able to love me a lot more for who I am as a woman and not who I thought I needed to be for everyone else.

I am truly grateful for the experience that Kristen’s expertise has provided me. To see myself as beautiful and sexy, and to look at the areas of my body that I thought were flawed as things I now embrace, have freed me of many of the insecurities I have carried for so long.

Hair & Makeup by Declan + Mae