I wanted to make sure that I felt amazing about turning 40

Tip from Miss L’s session Bodysuits are the ULTIMATE piece of lingerie. They feel incredible, photograph well, cover concerns, and allow you to still look super sexy. The possibilities are endless. Give one a try!

Hear from Miss L – My life has always been a little different. With this being my second shoot in less than a year, I wanted to make sure that I felt amazing about turning 40 and being 40. But turning 40 wasn’t the only reason. I loved the experience and loved how much I enjoyed these sessions. Now I’m looking forward to the next chapter, which still includes my husband, but also adopting a daughter from overseas. I want to be able to show my little girl that no matter what, you’re beautiful, you’re perfect, and there’s no one you should rather be than yourself.

There was fear about if the photos would look as good as last time and boy was I mistaken. The round 2 photos were just as good if not better than last time. Absolutely amazing.

I have a lot of favorite parts, but getting ready for the shoot and shopping for the shoot is always one of my favorite things. Picking out outfits that I normally would NEVER wear and what would look great in photos. Then getting to be made up by some of the best makeup and hair artists is always something that makes you feel like a million dollars.

Just do it. I have friends, family, sisters, every woman in my life, each have their own fears. Each fear will have to be faced, but the only way to face them is straight on. This fear cannot let you stop from doing something you love or showing that perfect is only in God’s eyes. Everyone is perfect!

Hair & Makeup by Declan + Mae