I just had fun and I think that my photos really reflected that.

It was a blast! I didn’t expect to have so much fun. I was super nervous at first but Kristen made it easy and comfortable. I wasn’t focused on making sure I looked good in every pose or sucking in my stomach. I just had fun and I think that my photos really reflected that.

I brought more outfits than we used. Almost everything I purchased was from Amazon, Yandy, and Victoria’s Secret. We ended up using my boyfriend’s jersey, a black lace bustier set, and a fuchsia babydoll. I brought my favorite jewelry that had meaning to me to jazz up each outfit.

I thought it was beautiful. It was definitely a lot more than my normal routine so after the session I had to remove the face makeup before my boyfriend got home (my session was a surprise for our anniversary). I didn’t want to waste a great face of makeup so I talked him into a date night.

Obviously sexy lol. I definitely think we pulled it off! I loved the outfits we ended up with. The jersey was a fun sporty look that was sure to surprise my boyfriend. The bustier set was my ideal classic sexy look with thigh highs. The last look, the baby doll I feel like was more me, a bit simple but still sexy and I loved the color against my skin. I definitely got everything I wanted out of each outfit, I few like they each showed a different side of ME.

I was nervous. My biggest fear was that I would hate the images and think I looked ridiculous. Kristen made the shoot fun which helped me relax. We laughed and once the nerves wore off I was having fun and it felt effortless.

Be true to yourself and have fun. But more importantly, DO IT! I have a lot of friends saying that now isn’t the time that they want to shed a few more pounds, or they don’t want to spend that much money on themselves. As much as this was an anniversary gift, it was a gift to me too. A boudoir shoot has always been on my bucket list and I love the way my photos turned out. My shoot made me feel sexy again in my skin after gaining some Covid pounds. It was just what I needed to regain my confidence.

I did it as an anniversary gift to my boyfriend.

My favorite part was being comfortable in my own skin again. I had fun and can’t wait for my next session!

Hair & Makeup by Nicole Pechonis