I Couldn’t Really See The Change

I had recently lost some weight but I still couldn’t get the old me out of my head, I needed to see myself as others saw me. I knew I had accomplished something but I couldn’t really see the change. I knew where to start but what really sealed the deal was Kristen’s portfolio, these were women just like me. Women who weren’t perfect but had the best smiles and just leaked confidence. Women who felt just as sexy as they looked. I wanted to feel like that about myself. Kristen and her positive personality on our initial call were just icing on the cake.

I feel so much closer to myself, I pay more attention to how I hold myself. If I ever feel my confidence dropping I just open my app and look at how hot I really am!!! No one is perfect but there are women out there who empower and lift each other up without hatred and jealousy..I also realized that I am and can be HOTTT.

My body isn’t perfect but I am confident. If I can stand or lay half-naked in front of someone and not want to hide, I can accomplish so much more in my life. Kristen is really the bomb! Her photography skills are out of this world and she never let me forget that we are all hot in our bodies, she never let me feel bad or uncomfortable about being me!

Hair & Makeup by Declan+Mae