Finding The Woman I Lost Track Of So Many Years Ago

At 54, I wanted to try to learn to love myself and find the woman I lost track of so many years ago. The process of trying to transition from 24 years in “military combat boot to stilettos is a huge hurdle to overcome”. When I came across Kristen’s website I was amazed at all of the beautiful images of all kinds of women. They all have their own story. Part of me wondered, could I do this?

I would always tell myself, nope this is for other women. No way I could I do that or even come close to looking nearly as beautiful as the images I was seeing. I was too old, too many wrinkles and all of the lump and bumps just from life would look horrible. The thought of the actual photoshoot did not scare me, it was having to see the final images. In the end, I was so wrong for thinking that!

After my long struggle of deciding to take the step and set my session date. I thought, oh boy what have I just done and how am I going to get through this. I almost thought about backing out a couple of times, but I didn’t. I was terrified but I was committed and I decided would push through the process.

Kristen was awesome and in no time she walked me through everything from helping with outfits, reaching out to just check in to see how everything was going. In the end, I found it was not just the photos, it is the process you go through to get to that point from self-care to looking at outfits and shoes you may have never thought of before.

Doing the boudoir session and going through this whole process has been one of the best experiences I have been through.

I now have a newfound confidence in myself that I lost too long ago. I find that I can start to be able to put myself 1st once in a while and that it is okay.

I am proud of the fact that I went through this process and would not change anything about it. I can now look in the mirror with a smile and with my head held a little higher! I am finally owning who I am and loving it! I will schedule another session with Kristen for my “55th” birthday!

Hair & Makeup by Declan+Mae