A fun wedding gift before our big adventure

We are getting married in September on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. I wanted to give my fiancee a fun wedding gift before our big adventure!

I was terrified of feeling self-conscious the whole time or being frozen in terror because I would be half-naked in front of a virtual stranger. Instead, we communicated pretty extensively beforehand and I walked in feeling like I knew you a little bit. Also, being able to get ready there made me feel more comfortable in the space.

We laughed the whole time. Most of my shoot we were talking about random things. We would get into a pose, take pictures, and then carry on conversing. It was far less stressful this way.

The anticipation is the worst part. It’s way more fun than you ever think it will be. Also, preparation eases a lot of worries. I gave myself a lot of options that way I knew I would be comfortable.

Hair and makeup by Declan and Mae