A crazy year that included losing 150 lbs

Love My Curves

Following a crazy year that included losing 150 lbs, getting divorced and moving 2800 miles across the country, I wanted to do something that was 100% for myself! I felt better about myself and my body than I had in years and I wanted to celebrate that.

I was not scared at all for the shoot. My fear happened AFTER my shoot when it came time to view the photos. I was suddenly terrified that I would look awful in the pictures, not because of Kristen but because of my own body dysmorphia. When I finally nailed down a date to view them, I was so happy. They turned out so well and my body looked even better than I hoped.

The shoot itself was so much fun! I walked out of there feeling so sexy and beautiful. Kristen makes you feel absolutely stunning and tells you exactly how to pose to show off your body the best.

Everyone should do this at least once! It is such an empowering experience and it really gave me a huge confidence boost.

Hair and makeup by Meghan Lee

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