Miss M

Ahhhhh! The stunning and super gorgeous Miss M is up on the blog today.

Getting to chat with Miss M before her session I absolutely loved how she was really just doing the session for herself. She wanted to feel sexy and beautiful for herself.

She said, “I’ve always been self conscious about my weight. I’ve been dragged down by so many people because I’m a bigger girl. So, booking the session had me a little nervous. I guess in the back of my mind I couldn’t help but think that it was going to be uncomfortable having someone take pictures of me in my underwear.

But, it’s actually pretty easy. In fact I was a lot more comfortable than I thought I would be. Kristen makes it so easy to just be you. There’s no judgement, no awkward moments. Just you feeling beautiful and sexy. It’s so much fun!

This session pushed me in so many ways. I had to buy myself lingerie, something that I hadn’t done in probably 15 years. But it was actually a ton of fun. I left the session feeling comfortable just being me and that’s something that I haven’t felt in a very long time. It’s so much more than sexy photos. It’s sexy photos, it’s changing the way you see and feel about yourself, it’s pushing yourself outside of that comfort zone. It’s simple AMAZING!” -Miss M