I knew there was nothing wrong with how I looked

I knew it was time for me to have a boudoir shoot when I kept seeing photos of other women and I reached out to Kristen. She talked me through everything and I was ready to make the decision for me! I knew I wasn’t going to get any thinner, I knew there was nothing wrong with how I looked. Kristen gave me reassurance that I was beautiful just the way I was!

You may see your flaws but when Kristen is around, you won’t feel self-conscious! This was the funnest photoshoot I’ve ever had and I will book another one! That I’m not embarrassed about my body. There is nothing wrong with how I look.

I loved working with Kristen and you will, too! Take the leap, it is worth it to be with Kristen!

Hair & Makeup by Alex Bizzoco