I was really nervous about my weight

Tip from Miss I’s session Bring a sweater or a robe to add versatility!

Hear from Miss I – I hadn’t done anything to boost my confidence before my shoot. I was really nervous going into the shoot and nervous about my weight. When my pictures came out as awesome as they did, that was a huge confidence boost for me! Then I got such amazing comments from women on Kristen’s page when she posted my photos! I was like, I am hot haha!

After I signed up for the shoot, I wasn’t sure how I would be portrayed on camera. I thought, “I don’t know how to look sexy.” Kristen sent me good advice about breathing and how to practice my faces before my shoot. She also would text/email me to check on how my outfit selection was going. I felt so comfortable asking her any questions I had.

The scariest part for me was the build up of driving to the session and getting out of the car. I was trying to breath and tell myself, “I can do this.” Kristen greeted me at my car with a big smile. Once I got into the session and we started taking pictures and just talking, I wasn’t nervous anymore! She made it fun and easy!

I’m proud of myself for actually doing it! I was so nervous that I would feel stupid or look insecure. Now that I’ve done a boudoir shoot, I want to do it again!

I am a lot more confident in my body and how I see myself in the mirror now. I feel like I see myself as sexy where as before I didn’t view myself that way.

Hair & Makeup by Declan+Mae