My biggest fear was not knowing how to look sexy


I wanted to see myself in a different “light”. I am a nurse and constantly in scrubs, so this was perfect for me to do. I wanted to see myself as the beautiful sexy woman my man sees every day and build confidence in me I didn’t know I actually had until after I did this shoot.

My biggest fear was not knowing how to look sexy or pose for the pictures. Kristen is such a professional at what she does my anxiety quickly left the room and she had me feeling like I could do anything. It was a breeze posing she helped with every tiny little move.

I loved the reveal session because I had no idea how sexy of a woman I truly was until I saw the pictures I almost broke down in tears. It was like I was looking at somebody else….that couldn’t be me…but it was and it was exciting

Don’t be nervous and DO IT because in the end, you will be extremely happy and amazed

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