I can’t describe how much fun I had

Would you do it again? Hell YES! Is tomorrow too soon?

What’s the one thing that nearly stopped you doing a session? Nothing. I wasn’t nervous at all! I think my attitude was “make me beautiful and let me get naked” 😂😂😂

But what did you find as a result of doing this session? At 45 years old, with silver in my hair and stretch marks on my body, with gravity doing what it does best to the female form, with being a little more on the “thick” side than I really want; I am gorgeous.

And what specific thing did you like most about this experience? For that hour or so, I was the center of attention. From the makeup to the clothing selections, I felt like everything was being done to ensure that I was at my most beautiful.

What are 3 other benefits you got out of this? It was fun! There were lots of laughs exchanged between seductive poses lol! It was like playing adult dress-up. I got to wear and show off outfits that normally I wouldn’t show to anyone! I got to see myself through my husband’s eyes. He always tells me how gorgeous he thinks I am but I have a hard time seeing it. He told me when he first saw the photos that is what I look like to him all the time.

Would you recommend this to another woman? If so, why? Absolutely!!!!! I can’t describe how much fun I had! If you want a day dedicated to beauty, friendship, and happiness then this is the perfect experience!

Is there anything you’d like to add? Thank you so much for an amazing experience. If I could, I would schedule a session every month! I’m so proud of my photos that I’d let you plaster them on a billboard 😄 The first time I saw my photos, I honestly could not believe I was looking at myself. I wanted to cry at how beautiful I looked. My husband told me on the way home that he saw me that way all the time. It’s been difficult at times to see myself for the gorgeous woman I am. I’ve struggled with my weight, as several women do. When my husband tells me that he thinks I’m beautiful no matter what, there have been times I’ve laughed it off because I didn’t feel that way. Yes, these photos were a gift for him. But the real gift was these photos allowing me to see the woman that I truly am. The beautiful one that everyone says I am, but I’ve been too blinded by my flaws to see. That gift is priceless.