It took me a very long time to love myself

It took me a very long time to love myself.  I always thought I had to be the skinniest or the most popular to be beautiful.  I was always told you had to exercise 4 times a week and eat super healthy to be beautiful.  People close to me always told me I needed to lose weight, or do this kind of exercise routine.

It always cut at my self-esteem, because that’s not how I saw myself.  Until one day I stopped caring what other people thought of me. I started sticking up for myself and putting an end to the negativity.  Trust me, I was nowhere near perfect, but let’s face it, who is?

I really started to come into my own.  I wear two piece bathing suits. I wear tight fitting dresses. I have short hair and a round face!! I love myself and last year I decided I wanted to lose the weight myself.  Not for anyone but me. So I lost 75 lbs in a year!

And now more than ever, I feel more like myself! You have to love yourself before you can let anyone love you.  

I guess my self-discovery started when I met my husband almost 6 years ago.  He helped me see me in a way I didn’t think of before. After that, I grew into a strong-willed, confident, and a not give a damn what people think of me kind of woman.

So when my best friend pointed out that she saw what Kristen had posted I knew it was the next thing I needed to do.  I booked within a day and was so excited for my shoot.

But come shoot day I was so nervous for some reason. As soon as Kristen started though, those nerves went away.  She makes you feel beautiful from the moment you walk in the door. She is like the best friend you never know you needed.

Walking out of the shoot, I felt different instantly.  I mean I loved myself before but now I really LOVED myself.  It’s a confidence I can’t even explain. And when I saw my pictures and the reaction of my best friend who I brought with me, I knew I was in trouble lol.

I didn’t know I could look like that, but WOW!  I looked hot, confident, and amazing! Just like I had always felt.  Now I’m glad to show myself with the world.

Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle.  

Always be you! Don’t let anyone change who you are, and no matter your size you are beautiful!! Believe in yourself, you are totally worth it!

Makeup by Brie Beckman