I figured I wouldn’t like the pictures…

I’ve always been a fan of boudoir shoots, most of the girls are gorgeous, skinny models. It’s always been a dream of mine, I just never dared to go through with it. I’ve done small modeling gigs in the past, but with photographers that were close friends of mine, so it was always relaxed.

Thinking about doing a boudoir shoot made me anxious. Could I find the right photographer? Would they heavily edit the pictures? Would my poses look awkward? Where should I put my hands? What about my hair and makeup? Could I find outfits that I would be comfortable in? It was a lot to consider, and it made me horribly nervous. Since I did the few modeling gigs to help friends, I’ve had kids, gotten older, and put on weight. I never went through with it because I figured I wouldn’t like the pictures. Then in came Kristen.

I had been scrolling through Facebook trying to figure out ideas for an anniversary gift for my husband when I came across an ad for her boudoir shoots. I liked the idea, and it would be something he would love, considering he’s always been my number one fan. So I decided to check out her page and see some of her work. I was floored, gorgeous girls of all shapes and sizes. So I figured why not? I could always say no. After talking to Kristen and hearing how excited she was, I couldn’t help but be excited about it.

Once the date was set, I was on the hunt for the perfect outfits, but I had Kristen’s help the entire time. I was able to send her outfits that I was looking at, get her advice, as well as suggestions. The support beforehand was amazing! She’s like that best friend who will give you an honest opinion. As the day of the shoot came closer, I will admit I was a bit nervous. Some of the same fears I had about even attempting a boudoir shoot came flooding back. I just had to remember to tell myself to breathe, and it would all work out.

The day of the shoot feels almost like a blur. I remember getting there and finally meeting Kristen face to face and all of my nerves seemed to disappear. Kristen is so welcoming and has such a bubbly personality that it’s almost contagious. Soon enough, my hair and makeup were done, and Kristen had her ideas for which outfit we would start with first and what poses we would do. She made it super easy telling me exactly where to put my hands, how to position, down to the little details. One of the things I was so worried about seemed so small at that point. It went so smoothly that before I knew it, we were done. I will admit the whole experience was amazing, and I walked out with brand new confidence, held my head a little higher, and felt ready to take on the world. But that was just the beginning.

Once my pictures were ready to be seen, I was in complete shock. I almost didn’t recognize myself and wanted to cry. The pictures were absolutely amazing, and we’re better than I ever thought they would turn out, so good that I ended up getting all of the digital prints. If I had a confidence boost after my shoot, I was on cloud nine after seeing my pictures. I think my husband has even noticed a change in my confidence, as well.

If someone has ever been considering doing a boudoir shoot for whatever reason, I will be the first to say go for it. You would be amazed at how something like this (which makes most people scared or anxious) will make you feel after. You’ll hold your head higher, walk a little taller, and feel almost invincible. Most people have such skewed opinions at what true beauty is, but Kristen is a master of her craft. If you’ve ever felt that you weren’t beautiful, she will definitely show you that you are, and show you a side of yourself that you’ve never seen before. Don’t be scared, take the leap and go for it!

Makeup and hair done by Meghan Lee with Declan + Mae