This being my second round nothing stopped me

Miss K was back in the studio for round 2 and we did a little Q & A about her experience this round. 🙂 But round 1 was just as awesome check it you for yourself.

Soooo… overall did you have a good time?


Would you do it again?

Hell YES! Is tomorrow too soon?

What’s the one thing that nearly stopped you doing a session?

Originally what stopped me was myself and my image of myself. This being my second round nothing stopped me! The session couldn’t come soon enough!

But what did you find as a result of doing this session?

I’m absolutely addicted to Kristen and her amazing talent. Lol I always feel so comfortable coming in and as much as I hated being in front of a camera before, I feel comfortable and natural with Kristen!

And what specific thing did you like most about this experience?

I liked going out of the box a little with different outfits. I would like to do more sexy ones later down the line when I feel more comfortable in my body.

What are 3 other benefits you got out of this?

1. I got glammed up by an awesome makeup artist.

2. I got to feel sexy and beautiful in a situation that ultimately use to make me feel self conscious.

3. I got to take something home with me that reminded me how beautiful I can be.

Would you recommend this to another woman? If so, why?

I have and always will recommend every woman to do this. The only thing stopping anyone is “you” and your fear of not meeting unreasonable beauty standards in your head.

Every woman is beautiful and if there is a woman out there that can capture that it would be Kristen!

Is there anything you’d like to add?

I loved every minute of my session. I love this session even more then the first. I’m definitely a frequent flyer now and I can say without a doubt that every minute being with these lovely women is a joy. It’s such a comfortable environment to be just a raw beautiful woman.