So why would a big girl like myself even consider doing boudoir pics?

When you think boudoir you usually think sexy skinny half naked women, well at least that’s what I thought.

So why would a big girl like myself even consider doing boudoir pics? I wasn’t always a big girl, I fell into a deep depression and gained 50 pounds in like two months . And from that point on it just snowballed and I gave up. One day I was talking with a friend and said, “ you know what, I’ve always wanted to do a boudoir shoot “. She said go for it! So I googled and found Kristen, I was so nervous, I actually canceled our first meeting.

Meghan got to work on hair and makeup, I had never had my makeup done before. Now it was show time. I fumbled out of my oversized hoodie and into my first outfit. Once the camera was on me all my insecurities went away and I loved every second.

I felt sexy and beautiful and by the end of the shoot I was practically walking around naked. Kristen made me feel so at ease and kept telling me how awesome I was doing. She didn’t feel like a stranger I just met but an old friend. From the moment my shoot ended I was on cloud 9.

When I got my  photos back I want to show everyone I knew. I was so proud of what I did and the strong brave woman in those photos. I remember first seeing the video Kristen put together and thinking she put up the wrong women’s video, but that was me!

It definitely gave me my confidence back, I’m not just a “ big girl”, and I am sexy and beautiful. I’m planning on doing another shoot soon, more booty this time. So don’t be afraid, don’t let someone tell you that you’re not sexy. And I did it for me, the best present I ever gave myself. You don’t need a special man in your life to do boudoir. Just breathe and trust Kristen, the rest is a ton of fun!