Husband thinks I’m beautiful

I have never felt pretty and could make a laundry list of the things I see wrong with me.  On the flip side, my husband thinks I’m beautiful. I could make a laundry list of things he loves about me and my appearance. A big part of my decision to do this photo shoot was so that I could see myself through his eyes.

After 17 years of marriage. 2 kids. Being in the daily grind of life. It’s so easy to get mired down and feel like you just blend in. Like everything you do is on autopilot and everything is whizzing by you so fast.

I wanted to slow down time. Take a moment for me. A moment for my husband and do something that would make me feel special, even for a moment.   A moment in time to find my pretty in the midst of all the media portrayals and standards that are impossible to attain.

A moment to be the woman I am underneath the noise and chaos of life.  

When I first saw my pictures, I was shocked that it was me in the photographs.  That I could look like the woman peering at me through the pictures. Every good angle, line, color, and shape of me was highlighted and maximized to show the beauty hiding within myself.  All the flaws that I see daily where whisked away.

Kristen is the perfect person to help with that.  She is amazing at making you feel comfortable, relaxed, and safe in what you are doing. Taking photographs in your lingerie can be scary and intimidating. It’s so important to have someone as skilled and professional as Kristen.  

This is an experience that I believe everyone should get to enjoy. Take that moment to find your pretty and your special within you.